Members of the Council

In Denmark, work on financial stability is carried out by several authorities. In order to involve authorities and institutions with special knowledge and expertise in the area, the Council consists of the following members according to the law:

  • Two representatives from Danmarks Nationalbank, one being the chairman of the Board of Governors of Danmarks Nationalbank and chairing the Council.
  • Two representatives from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.
  • One representative from each of the following economic ministries: Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior, and Ministry of Finance.
  • Three independent experts with knowledge of financial matters.

The members are appointed by the Minister for Business and Growth for a period of up to four years and can be reappointed.

The current members of the Council are:

  • Lars Rohde, Chairman, Governor by Royal Appointment, Danmarks Nationalbank.
  • Michael Dithmer, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.
  • Peter Steensgaard Mørch, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance.
  • Ida Wolden Bache, Executive Director, Norges Bank, Independent expert.
  • Peter Schütze, Former CEO in Nordea Denmark, Independent expert.
  • Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen, Professor, CBS, Independent expert.
  • Per Callesen, Governor, Danmarks Nationalbank.
  • Jesper Berg, Director General, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.
  • Anne-Sofie Reng Japhetson, Director, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Danmarks Nationalbank performs the secretariat services for the Systemic Risk Council. The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Interior participate in the secretariat.

Since the Council has an advisory function, the participating authorities preserve their current competences. Similarly, the secretariat services of the Council are also independent of the participating authorities.

The Council meets at least four times a year.