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  • Increase of the countercyclical capital buffer rate

    Publiceret 26-03-2019

    The Systemic Risk Council, the Council, recommends that the Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs increase the countercyclical capital buffer ra..

  • Forhøjelse af den kontracykliske kapitalbuffersats

    Publiceret 26-03-2019

    Det Systemiske Risikoråd, Rådet, henstiller til erhvervsministeren, at den kontracykliske kapitalbuffersats i Danmark øges fra 1,0 til 1,5 pct. fra 30. juni 202..

  • Press release after the 25th meeting

    Publiceret 26-03-2019
    Press releases

    The Systemic Risk Council has held its twenty-fifth meeting. It is still the assessment of the Council that risks are building up in the Danish financial system..

  • Møde i Det Systemiske Risikoråd

    Publiceret 26-03-2019

    Det Systemiske Risikoråd har afholdt sit 25. møde. Rådet vurderer fortsat, at risici er under opbygning i det danske finansielle system. Den kontracykliske kapi..

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